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As of June 6, 2015.

Data Processing

Since our founding, Columbia River Log Scaling & Grading Bureau has sought out and utilized the latest in technology to maintain costs, and meet our subscribers needs.  We have also never forgotten that technology is only a tool, our primary business remains the delivery of impartial, uniform, and accurate log scaling and grading information to our subscribers.

Relics, like the Scribner slide rule and recording device pictured right while historically interesting, no longer meet the need for flexibility and speed required by business. The Bureau utilizes the Juniper Allegro to gather and preprocess log scale information in the field. We use an IBM AS/400 Model 8231 (E10) as the central server of an office network that helps us minimize the cost of doing business while processing the subscriber data for accuracy and distribution in a timely manner.

The Bureau office network supplies:

The Bureau office network and servers are firewall and threat protected using that latest hardware and software.  Incoming and outgoing communications are monitored for unwelcome content.