Columbia River Log Scaling & Grading Bureau

Job Opportunities

All personnel who will perform log scaling and grading will be carefully selected and adequately trained before being permitted to function as log scalers.  All log scalers will be required to participate in refresher training programs, mill visits, and maintain acceptable standards of performance as determined by periodic check scales administered by Bureau Field Supervisors.

Employment Policy – Scaling Personnel

Preference in hiring log scalers and trainees will be given to applicants with the following education and experience.

  • Four years of Forestry school, or
  • Three years combination of Forestry school and scaling experience (one year of Forestry school minimum), or
  • Two years combination of forestry related work with log scalers or forestry education.

Applicants shall be required to pass a comprehensive physical examination and drug screening, and to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Bureau, that they are physically capable of performing the required work efficiently without probability of injury to themselves or others.

There will be a probationary period of 120 days, during which time the Field Supervisor who is training the employee will file a written report on the new employee every 30 days. The reports will be reviewed by the Bureau Manager after 60 days with the Field Supervisor and the new employee.

Use the following link and print a copy of the CRLS Employment Application.  Complete the application in your own hand, sign and date it, then mail the application to us. You can also email the application to