Columbia River Log Scaling & Grading Bureau


Log Scale Rules Supported

  • Eastside, Scribner (Short Log)
  • Westside, Scribner (Long Log)
  • Northwest Rules Cubic
  • U.S.F.S. Cubic
  • Alberta Metric
  • JAS Metric

No Logs Scale types supported

  • Cordwood
  • Weight Scale
  • Sample Scale
  • PAM (Per Acre Material)
  • Woody Biomass
  • Product or Load Count
  • ODF Factored  

Columbia River records the following information about the logs its personnel observe in a log load.

  • Buyer and Seller of the load.
  • Brand on the logs.
  • Date, time, location of scale site, and the scaler performing the scale.
  • Any government, buyer, seller, or weight ticket numbers attached to the load.
  • Identity of logger, trucker, and truck number where available.
  • Any available weight information from weight tickets.
  • Gross lengths and diameters of the logs in the load.
  • Dimensional data about the defects with each log.
  • Species of the log.
  • Log grade assigned to the log (by segment, based on the Official Rules for Log Scaling).

Recording of any Deck, Sort, or Quality codes and Log Tag numbers for inventory control purposes are considered part of the Standard service, for which there is no additional charge.

The log scale data is evaluated for accuracy under the official rules (NWLRAG) by the handheld data recorder, and volumes by log segment and log are calculated.  Copies of the log scale tickets are then printed for the interested parties.

The gathered log scale information is periodically transmitted during the day via internet/wifi or phone modem connection to the Bureau office for further processing and distribution.